Emily’s Enigma

The enigma of Emily Dickinson for me is how she shows that the very act of writing, and then recording that writing in some simple enduring way, if only, as she did, by sewing pages of preserved poems, together into small handmade booklets, is publication enough. Everything that may happen after that moment - when... Continue Reading →


Six asides about Vaclav Havel

I. Culture forms chaotically from spirit. Havel begins his essay, or talk, "Six asides about Culture" with some speculation that tomorrow he might write his best ever literary work, or then again he might never write another word again. Culture escapes determinants. It has the quality of life, and not the predictable attributes of an... Continue Reading →

An awakening

I have over the last two months been going through the program of creative recovery set out in Julia Cameron's The Artist's Way: a course in discovering and recovering your creative self. It is a program that I have begun before but not persisted with in the way that I am this time. And it... Continue Reading →

Poetry: to redeem or to love the world?

Featured on aldaily.com today is an article from The Atlantic with the provocative title of "why (some) people hate poetry." It is a review piece of a new book by Ben Lerner, called The Hatred of Poetry. Lerner attempts an explanation for the intense dislike, the disavowal, that some people express for poetry. It seems... Continue Reading →

Golden Arch

I was on my Sunday afternoon run a couple of weeks ago. It was a warm spring day in Melbourne, the kind of day that reminds you of the heat of the summer sun, without making you feel its burn.It makes you remember the stark differences in light and shadow that fill the Melbourne Cricket... Continue Reading →


Another poem today from the collection I am curating, and have titled The Burning Archive. This one seems strangely prescient of the decision to write openly, if as always with a few masks at hand, and freely on the rich, open plains of the internet It speaks to me of this never-too-late journey of creative... Continue Reading →

The Tiger’s Eye closes for the last time

The great Australian historian or writer, Inga Clendinnen has died. Image Source: http://www.smh.com.au/national/people/warrior-of-the-mind-20140810-3dha8.html There is a moving obituary by her publisher at Text, Michael Heyward, over at The Australian. There Heyward quotes Clendinnen saying that her turn to writing in response to her life-threatening illness "liberated me from the routines which would have delivered me, unchallenged and... Continue Reading →

The forest

This morning I have spent curating my collection of poems, The Burning Archive. From this collection, which I will either self-publish or submit to a small press, I have selected the following poem, The Forest to share on my blog today. The forest The child is lost in the forest. She has taken the left... Continue Reading →

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