The infinite conversation and survival

I have written before in the Burning Archive of the metaphor for writing, and its eternal companion, reading, that I have prised from the title of Blanchot's work, The Infinite Conversation.  I have written here of how writing secures our rare and precious fragments of understanding against loss and destruction, and bequeathed them in their frail forms... Continue Reading →


An accidental tourist

Here is a poem of mine from about a year ago. When the wind blows from I know not where And stained visions crowd my troubled sleep I wake late, mistaken and stripped bare Only to stumble on the rock where I am told to leap Leap into words infinite and sentences dread Into the... Continue Reading →

Mr Dylan’s bad language

I like to check out the winners of the Nobel Prize for Literature. The world of books in our highly literate world is so vast that any pointers to quality oeuvres that speak of different histories is welcome. It is how I discovered Symborska and Transtormer and a few others. You can imagine my shock... Continue Reading →

On humility

For many years I have believed that Carl Jung once said or wrote that "you must stoop to drink from the river of life." But google has taught me humility, or perhaps I simply do not have the energy after a long week at work, which taught me humility, to hunt my quarry quote with... Continue Reading →

Adam Phillips, In Writing

‪Adam Phillips: "Writing needn’t be a world domination project… but just the attempt to find enough people who are interested in what matters to you‬" This quotation comes from Adam Phillips' latest collection, In Writing. I sourced it from the review in The Guardian. How timely I should stumble on this remark - I have... Continue Reading →

Waste books and epigrams

"The excuses we make to ourselves when we want to do something are excellent material for soliloquies, for they are rarely made except when we are alone, and are very often made aloud." George Lichtenberg (1742-99), The Waste Books, #22, p 8 I collected from the local library The Notebooks of Robert Frost, which features... Continue Reading →

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