Adam Phillips, In Writing

‪Adam Phillips: "Writing needn’t be a world domination project… but just the attempt to find enough people who are interested in what matters to you‬" This quotation comes from Adam Phillips' latest collection, In Writing. I sourced it from the review in The Guardian. How timely I should stumble on this remark - I have... Continue Reading →


13 ways of looking at a bureaucrat

"Psychoanalysts don't usually write essays; they tend to write lectures or papers or chapters, or what are called, perhaps optimistically, contributions." Adam Phillips "Coda: up to a point" in One Way or Another: New and Selected Essays If Phillips' invitation, masked in the form of a provocation, is true of psychoanalysis, how much more true... Continue Reading →

Going sane writing

Adam Phillips says somewhere, perhaps in one of his intriguing essays, perhaps in an interview with the Paris Review, that writing is for him "an experiment in what your life might be like if you were to speak freely." It is also a description he gives, in another way, to the process that goes on in the... Continue Reading →

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