Republics in distress

As I look around the world at the state of politics, I conclude that our democratic republics are in distress. This judgment is not a mere oppositional response to Donald Trump or Brexit or any form of disappointment that my preferred leader or team has lost the electoral lottery. It is a more deeply and... Continue Reading →


Six asides about culture (and Havel, reblogged)

"Who among us can know what may seem today to be marginal graphomania might not one day appear to our descendants as the most substantial thing written in our time? Vaclav Havel A premonition of blogging? No, but part of a profound essay on culture as the freedom of the human spirit. Read more at... Continue Reading →

Six asides about Vaclav Havel

I. Culture forms chaotically from spirit. Havel begins his essay, or talk, "Six asides about Culture" with some speculation that tomorrow he might write his best ever literary work, or then again he might never write another word again. Culture escapes determinants. It has the quality of life, and not the predictable attributes of an... Continue Reading →

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